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Unit 1 Business Studies Notes
Module 2- Marketing…read more

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Market Research is...
G Gathering
A Analysing
P Processing
Information…read more

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Market Research allows you to...
· Learn more about the market
· Market opportunities/new trends
· Market size, measured in: value/volume of sales
· Market growth: rate at which the market
increases in size
· Market share: % of sales of one firm in the whole
· Market segments: different groups with similar
needs within a market
· Get an insight into potential customers and
competitors…read more

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Primary Research
· Also called field research
· Collecting data for the first time
· Gathered by:
1. Observing
2. Experimenting
3. Surveying…read more

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1. Info that is needed
2. It's up-to-date
· Disadvantages
1. Expensive
2. If not done right it gives misleading results…read more

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Form of research Advantages Disadvantages
Telephone survey · Cheap · Can't see response
· Easy · Don't always answer
· Convenient · Don't know when
Door-to-door survey · Can see reaction · Not representative
· More likely to be · Time consuming
truthful · Have to be trained
Customer/supplier · Can compare with other Relies on existing
feedback firms customers
· Easy to provide
Focus groups · In depth response · Not representative of
· Detailed discussion whole market
Internet research · Quick · Might not get views of
· Cheap target customers
· Secondary and primary · Might get wrong/out of
· Whole market available date secondary info…read more

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A 12 slide presentation which covers the basics of market research and the marketing mix. Students can take their own notes from it or adapt it into a mind map or poster.

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