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5009 5045
Edexcel GCSE
Science (5009)
Physics (5045)
P1a ­ Topics 9 and 10
Foundation and Higher Tier
Monday 10 March 2008 ­ Morning
Time: 20 minutes
Materials required for examination Items included with question papers
Multiple Choice Answer Sheet Nil
HB pencil, eraser and…

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Questions 1 to 16 must be answered by Foundation tier candidates only.
Higher tier candidates start at question 17.

Generating electricity

Joe bought a wind up torch.

If Joe winds the torch for 1 minute it will give 30 minutes of power.

1. The electric current to charge the torch…

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4. The graph shows a current.

in amps
time in

This type of current is

A direct current
B indirect current
C alternating current
D transverse current

5. Which of these is a source of direct electric current?

A a light-dependent resistor
B a thermistor
C a…

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Rechargeable batteries

Use this information to answer questions 6 to 10.

Peter is choosing a new 1.2 V rechargeable battery for his digital camera.
Peter uses the internet to find information about rechargeable batteries.
The table shows this information.

voltage capacity cost per battery
(volts) (milliamp-hours) (pence)
Lightning 1.2…

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Household insulation

Sarah and Amy compare the effectiveness of different types of insulation.
They test four houses in the middle of a row of six.
They keep the temperature the same in all six houses by using a computer to switch the heating on
and off.

X P Q R…

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14. Which form of insulation is most cost effective over three years?

A draught proofing
B double glazing
C loft insulation
D cavity wall insulation

15. The electric heater in each house has an earth wire.
The earth wire provides

A protection for the user
B protection for the fuse…

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Higher tier candidates start at question 17 and answer questions 17 to 40.
Questions 17 to 24 must be answered by all candidates: Foundation tier and Higher tier.

Wind turbines

A company plans to build a wind farm on a hill near a town.
The plan is rejected.
Instead, the…

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20. If the wind farm is built in the sea, which of these is not a correct statement?

A There will be less electricity used in the town
B There will be less noise pollution in the town
C There will be less visual pollution in the town
D There…

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23. Elaine and Esther find out that a light-dependent resistor (LDR) is used as part of a control
circuit to switch street lights on and off.
They discuss this use of LDRs with some friends.
Who is correct?

The LDR switches on The resistance of the LDR
in the dark.…

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Questions 25 to 40 must be answered by Higher tier candidates only.
Foundation tier candidates do not answer questions 25 to 40.

Medical uses of electricity

25. Doctors use a defibrillator when a patient's heart has just stopped beating.
The defibrillator gives an electric shock to help the heart beat…


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