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The maintenance of Romantic Relationships

A01 Studies A02/3
Behaviourist approach Veitch & Griffitt RABBIE AND HOROWITZ '60: found that if
Operant and classical conditioning · Single participants to wait in an strangers won a game together, they
Operant conditioning theorist would experimenter's office, listening to expressed more liking for each…

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The maintenance of Romantic Relationships

Social Exchange theory Social Exchange theory Rusbult; relationship PP's asked to fill in
Social exchange theory is similar to Thibaut & Kelley argued that long-term questionnaires for 7 months, she found three
friendships and relationships go through reasons for satisfaction in relationships;
reinforcement theory but…

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The maintenance of Romantic Relationships

Equitable relationship = partner's benefits under-benefitted in their husband career as more important than
minus their costs = other partner's benefits relationships their own
minus their costs Women try to seek less for themselves ­
Perception of inequity = either restorer or equity less relevant…




this is great- everything you need and loads of studies 

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