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English : Shakespeare : Summaries & Themes

Macbeth : Summary

In the Test you will be asked to write a short text about the Shakespeare play you have studied.
You will be given the audience and purpose for which you are writing, and some ideas to help
get you started.…

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Macbeth : Summary 2

The murder of Duncan throws Scotland into fear and tension. Duncan's sons fear the worst and
flee Scotland, making people suspect that they killed their own father. Other people suspect
Macbeth, but there isn't any proof to this allegation. When Macbeth is crowned, other warlords

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The witches are waiting for him. They show him a series of strange images and make another
three prophecies:

He should beware of Macduff
No one born from a woman will ever harm him
He will never be never be defeated until Birnam Wood comes to Macbeth's castle at

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Then, one by one, the prophecies come true. The army from England is preparing to attack
Macbeth's castle. The soldiers are ordered to cut down branches of the trees in Birnham wood
to use as camouflage. Macbeth hears to his terror that a forest is moving towards him. As he…


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