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Macbeth help on the chahracters (Gcse)

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Character Profile: Macbeth
Name: Macbeth Play: `Macbeth'
Relationship with other characters in the play:
Macbeth is married Lady Macbeth.
Fought for King Duncan and was rewarded by him.
Seeks too much knowledge from the witches
What he does in the play:
Macbeth meets 3 witches with his best friend
Banquo. They tell him that he will become Thane of
Cawdor and King of Scotland.
Macbeth tells his wife Lady Macbeth about what
the witches said and she plots to kill the King.
Macbeth murders the King so he can become King of
Macbeth then murders his best friend, Banquo as he
thinks he might be suspicious.
At the same time he also tries to kill Banquo's son
Macbeth murders Macduff, the Thane of Fife's
innocent wife and children as the witches warn him.
Macbeth is killed in a battle by Macduff.
Character Profile: Lady Macbeth

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Name: Lady Macbeth Play: `Macbeth'
Relationship with other characters in the play:
What she does in the play:…read more


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