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Core 4 Summary Revision Table

Algebra & Functions Binomial Series Trigonometry

Remainder Theorem ­ when a From C2 the Binomial Expansion is developed to : Solving equations (in degrees or radians) and
polynomial f(x) is divided by ax+b, proving identities using compound and multiple
angle identities.

then = R, where…

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Hence, to solve equations in the form
and find maximum and
minimum values for such functions

Exponential Models Further Calculus Vectors
From coordinates (a, b, c) to
Solving problems relating to Differentiation Methods :
exponential growth and decay
models : Solving problems involving Implicit functions
eg eg in the form…

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Applications of differential equations, involving
Growth and Decay functions, whereby differential
equations are of the form: where is a scalar
or r = a +(b a)

Determining points on the line, by
substitution, and intersection of lines, by
solving simultaneous equations. Also,
parallel and skew lines (ie no point of…




An excellent summary sheet of core 4 theory and formulae.  Thoroughly reccommended.

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