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LOUD ­ Carol Ann Duffy
By Priya and Aliyah…read more

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Background of the poem...
We are given a preface before the poem begins,
it is as follows:
"Parents with mutilated children have been
turned away from the empty hospital and told to
hire smugglers to take them across the boarder
to Quetta, a Pakistani frontier city at least six
hours away by car. (Afghanistan, 28 October
Judging by the date and subject matter we learn
that the poem is possibly about the war in
Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks focused
on in Duffys previous poem `Tall'.
The poem focuses on the News coverage of this
period and one woman's reaction to hearing the
She begins to become loud and vocal about this
issue, so loud that she is heard from all over the
world.…read more

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Key Themes/Ideas...
Human suffering
Effect of the media / NEWS
Violence, War, Conflict etc...
A young female speaking about current news stories
"Afghanistan War".
She feels she is " Loud" now to express herself unlike
before being lead my the media's opinions. "Stanza 2".
Unity against war although if only one person speaks
out they can be heard and hold extreme power ­ the
power with in.…read more

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Stanza 1...
The young Female starts to build up her anger over
what she has seen on the TV.
Metaphor used to describe her anger " voice ripped
out her throat". She couldn't keep it in any longer.
" Ripped"- suggestion of violence in relation to
the War in Afghanistan.
Other imagery used are:
" terrible sulphurous crack", " flash of light in the
Cliché: Her anger has been sparked/ignited.
Relates to the firework metaphor at the beginning
of the Stanza.
Short sentence " Now She was Loud", shows that
the rest of the poem will be descriptive and about
opinions. What the young female feels inside.…read more

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Stanza 2...
Flashbacks to what the young females life was like
before she had a voice and was " loud".
" she was easily led", suggests the media
influenced her opinion, views and values.
This idea is reinforced by the listing of events that
have been featured in the news. " royal kiss on the
Verbs are used in this to describe the
collectiveness with other on opinions. " Joined,
national whoop, the boos, cheer". All these are
things that are done as a team and not individual.
" Not any more"- again a short sentence that gets
the point across that she has a voice. " roar"…read more

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Stanza 3...
Explores her new found freedom as being "
She is free to speak her mind where ever she
wants. Humour in she could " sing like an
Orchestra in the bath".
Imagery used to express her freedom such as "
yawn like thunder". An oxymoron of
opposites. Yawn's are usually quite whereas
thunder is very loud and disrupts people.
Last few sentences it about her switching the
news on which lead to the next stanza.…read more

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