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Cup and Saucer
Carol Ann Duffy
Standing Female Nude…read more

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Lesbian relationship-Sexual relationship
Set in 1930's
Very short couplets 4- even number- equal
Brief relationship
Short stanzas as the narrator is taking short
breaths.…read more

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Stanza 1
She asked me to luncheon in fur. Far from
the loud laughter of men, our secret life stirred.
She asked me- Power
Luncheon- reference to oral sex ­ sophisticated
Fur- associated with upper class- soft and sensual
the loud laughter of men- could have had husbands before this new lesbian
relationship- loud vs quite
secret life stirred- something is happening.…read more

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Stanza 2
I remember her eyes, the slim rope of her spine.
This is your cup, she whispered, and this mine
eyes, - seductive
rope ­ saving themselves…read more

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Stanza 3
We drank the sweet hot liquid and talked dirty
As she undressed me, her breasts were a mirror
As she undressed me- Power
talked dirty- communication ­ bringing up their men.
her breasts were a mirror- they both have breasts.…read more

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Stanza 4
And there were mirrors in the bed. She said Place your legs
around my neck, that's right. Yes
She said Place- both women - order…read more


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