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Loftus and Palmer-
Eyewitness Testimony
Cognitive Approach…read more

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To see whether language used changes a
person's perceived memory
The participants estimate of speed will
increase with the degree of violence
suggested by the question concerning the car
Participants will be significantly more likely to
remember seeing broken glass if they have
previously been asked a question containing
the verb `smashed' than if they had the verb
`Hit' or no word.
Aims and Hypotheses…read more

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· The verb used in question 2
· Speed estimate in response
· Whether or not the subject saw glass
Variables…read more

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2 laboratory experiments- The second
procedure was used to rule out demand
characteristics as being the cause of the
findings from procedure 1
Independent measures design
Standardised procedure
Quantitative data obtained
Self-report by questionnaire
Experimental Design Method…read more

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45 students tested in groups of various
Students from University of Washington
For test purposes, it was designed so
there would be 5 conditions in total with 9
students per condition
Subjects- Procedure 1…read more

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Experiment lasted 90 minutes
There were five conditions of 9 participants
They were shown seven film clips of traffic accidents
Different ordering of films was presented to each group
to prevent order effects
Clips ranged from 5-30 seconds
After watching the clip the participants were asked:
1) Write an account of what you have just seen
2) Answer some specific question
The CRITICAL question was based on the speed of the
`About how fast were the cars going when they
____ each other'
The VERB that filled the space was either: Smashed,
Collided, Bumped, Hit, Contacted
Procedure- 1…read more

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