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Why do people risk the dangers of volcanoes? Is it worth it?
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· Some people believe that they will never experience a major volcanic eruption
· Similarly, some believe that it will not strike their particular location
· Some people just don't want to leave
· Many generations of a family may have lived there, so leaving it would lose
everything the family had worked for
· Family and friends live there and so it is hard to leave
· In developing countries, it may be impossible to afford anywhere else
· As the population increases, people are forced to live in dangerous areas
· Economic advantages (see following slides)…read more

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· Steam from the water heated by hot rocks below the surface can drive turbines to
produce electricity. This is a sustainable, cheap and environmentally friendly way of
generating electricity, and so this benefits people in more than one way.…read more

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· Many valuable minerals are formed by volcanoes. Obviously this is an economic
advantage, and so people may live near volcanoes to extract these minerals after
volcanic activity.…read more

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· Volcanic rock is rich in minerals which is ideal for the production of crops when the
rock has weathered to become soil. Farmers risk volcanic areas to grow their crops,
despite the threat of an eruption destroying their crops in seconds.…read more

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· Raw materials can be found and taken from volcanoes. These are used for building
materials and as chemicals for industry. Businesses would be particularly interested
in setting up in volcanic areas because of this.…read more

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