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Cluster one poems…read more

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The poem is about the slaves on a slave ship
going through hardship just to get to the land
that they are being transported to.
The poet goes through the steps of the daily
routine he takes but it is also a form of a dance.…read more

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The poem uses many different language
techniques like:
The use of "dark deck is slavery" the use of
alliteration shows the emphasis of darkness and
it reveals the dreading point in which the slaves
have to get up.
Also the use of "stick is the whip" suggests that
the swift move of the slave traders whip slashing
into the slave. This move can be shown.…read more

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The poems structure is in the form of the limbo
game as you can see the word "limbo" is the
slave going under the stick which is the "limbo
like me"
This structure is used to actually let the reader
see the visually the actions of the limbo dance.
The structure throughout is a mess as the lengths
of the sentences aren't all the same.…read more

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"long dark deck and the silence is over me"
this shows the representation of the slave
trader coming towards the poem with the
whip. The darkness shows the evilness that is
within the slave trader as he aims to hurt the
man, slave.…read more

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The poets message in the poem is that he feels
that one day this routine will break when
someone stands up to speak out as the repetition
of "up up up" shows the actions of rising from
slavery. The ending suggests that the slaves need
to take a stand and not go along with the plans
of what the slave traders are thinking as they
have the freedom and rights as they are humans
too.…read more

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