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- the poem is ambiguous this means it has two meanings

- slaves wre transported by ship

- slaves developed the dance limbo to try and keep themsleves fit

- slaves were not valued as people but as objects

- limbo originates from trinadad

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" stick hit sound" - 1 sylable words - sybolises long boring journey

" dark" - darkness of the ship

"stick" limbo stick or whip

"whip" - limbo stick or whip

"knees spread wide" - ****

"dumb gods are raising" - traiders

"up up up" - excitment for getting off the ship

"on the burning ground" - not happy ending

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nothings changed

nothings changed is set in south africa

it has a regualr structure

- "click" - onomatopoeia

- "cuffs,cans,crunch" - alliteration

- "and my hands, and my skin, and the soft, and the hot" - anger builds up

"anger of my eyes"

- "port jackson trees" - trees imported from austrailia

- "new, up-market, haute cuisine, guard at the gatepost. whites only inn." - white in luzureous

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