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GCSE English Describe the character of Lady Mac Beth
Shakespeare's theatre is called the Globe and it was built in 1599 on the southbank of
Thames. It was wooden like most buildings, so it was in risk of fire. Unfortunately it burnt down
in 1666 when most of London got burnt down. Shakespeare got the story "MacBeth" from
Holinshed. Holimshed in an historian. The story "MacBeth" was first story to be performed in
The Globe. When Shakespeare took Holinshed's story he changed the character of MacBeth,
Holinshed told him that he didn't like the new character of MacBeth, but Shakespeare didn't
listen to him. He did this to make the play more frightening and to show the points he was
making and what type of nature interested in.
Lady MacBeth is the wife of the lord MacBeth he is the Thane of Glamis. Lady MacBeth is
a ruthless, determined woman and has less regard for moral boundaries than her husband. Lady
MacBeth's real name is Gruoch. As a wife in that age she was expected to fulfill many
household duties and to act as a hostess when MacBeth has visitors, but her most important
duty as a wife was to provide an heir for MacBeth's fortune, but most of all for his title. At that
time, male succession was allimportant to ensure the title and fortunes of a noble house. When
MacBeth informs her of the meeting with the three weird sisters, she immediately begins to plot
the murder of the king, Duncan.
As Macbeths' hostess, she has to act as a person who greets the guests when they arrive.
When Duncan arrives he says
"See, see our fair and honor'd hostess."
He thinks that Lady MacBeth is kind, caring and gentle. The irony of this statement will become
clear later in the play. Another ironic statement occurs in act 2.1 when banquo refers to Lady
MacBeth as a "kind hostess". The reason they are ironic is because as hostess Lady MacBeth
is obliged to nourish, protect and provide a bed for her guests, whereas the MacBeth's have a
hidden agenda and a very different idea of events of the evening. The quote echoing this, in Act
1.1 the three witch all chant:
"Fair is foul and is foul is fair"
Emmalee Madsen. 12c.

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GCSE English Describe the character of Lady Mac Beth
This means that what is good will be bad and what is bad will be good as witches thought evil to
be good, and by calling Lady MacBeth "fair" we immediately link the statement with the meeting
with the three witches in the first scene and we get a hint of what is to come.…read more

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GCSE English Describe the character of Lady Mac Beth
"The raven himself is hoarse, that croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan"
This word "fatal" indicates that her plan overall is to kill the king, Duncan and that
MacBeth would take the crown with her by his side, but later in the play I learn that Lady
MacBeth has not anticipated every aspect of murdering someone and the effects it has on the
long run.
Lady MacBeth shows us her first similarity in Act 1.5.…read more

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GCSE English Describe the character of Lady Mac Beth
Then Lady MacBeth wastes no time on changing Macbeths' mind. She starts to urge MacBeth
to kill the king, Duncan. She starts to hurt his weak spots and starts to call him a coward, not a
man, and a baby. This shows that Lady MacBeth knows MacBeth very well.…read more

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GCSE English Describe the character of Lady Mac Beth
Possibly she too had been drinking. One can only assume she drank more excessively than she
normally would because she was nervous and aware of what was going to happen later in the
evening. She is then filled with boldness
"What hath quench'd them, hath given me fire".
These statements tell us that she is brave and ready for what's going to happen.…read more

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GCSE English Describe the character of Lady Mac Beth
under a lot of stress too. The act 3.2 marks the beginning of the downfall of Lady MacBeth she
begins to control over MacBeth, as he begins to plot the murder of Banquo and his son without
telling his wife, Lady MacBeth.…read more

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GCSE English Describe the character of Lady Mac Beth
"The Thane of Fife had a wife. Where is she now?... what's done cannot be undone. To bed to
bed to bed".
It is in this state of mind that realises that she will never be able to escape the reality of what she
has done and she realises that the guilt will never go away,
"Here's the smell of blood still, all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh,
oh, oh!".…read more


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