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Homeostasis 08/15/20
Homeostasis means "controlling internal conditions":
Waste products that need to be removed + how
CO2 Produced by respiration, removed via lungs
Urea Produced by liver breaking down amino acids,
removed by kidneys and transferred to bladder
Internal conditions that need controlling + how
Temperature Increased by shivering, lost by sweating
Ion content Increased by eating, lost by sweating + urine
Water content Increased by drinking, lost by sweating + urine
Blood glucose Increased and decreased by hormones…read more

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Formation of Urea 14
· Urea is a soluble waste
product made by the liver.
· Excess amino acids are
converted to urea.
· Raised levels of urea are
toxic.…read more

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14…read more

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Kidneys 08/15/20
Kidneys are responsible for controlling ion, urea and
water content.
Blood in
Kidneys are made up of two
important tissues ­ BLOOD
Blood out
Ureter (tube that takes
urine down to bladder)…read more

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14…read more

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Kidney function 14
A poisonous waste called _________ is made in the liver
from broken down _______ _______. The _________
remove urea from the blood. The kidneys also control the
amount of ________ and salts (_____) in the body. The
substances removed from the blood by the kidney is called
_______ which passes down the ________ to the
________ where it is temporarily stored.
Words ­ bladder, kidneys, urea, ions,
urine, amino acids, water, ureter…read more

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