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Aliyah Holder 10/12/13

History Cover work:

1) Khrushchev Motivation Card Report

There are various reasons for Khrushchev's deployment of nuclear weapons onto the Island of Cuba
and the resulting crisis in October 1962, the first being his genuine fear over losing Cuba as an Ally. In
his memoirs, 1968, Khrushchev…

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Aliyah Holder 10/12/13

part in the deployment of Cuban missiles as post-revisionists argue Khrushchev needed a success
after facing the humiliation of the crisis where the inexperienced Kennedy had overcome soviet
pressures much to the surprise and anger of Khrushchev. Khrushchev was also well aware of the
effect of McCarthyism…

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Aliyah Holder 10/12/13

"He failed to see that by attempting to sneak missiles to Cuba, others would conclude that
his intentions were offensive and aggressive, rather than largely defensive, or that they were
driven by a sense of need rather than a perception of opportunity." - Munton & Welch



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