Key words for Ethics 2

Definitions for Key words in Ethics 2

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Capital punishment- Executing a criminal convicted of murder and other crimes.
Conscientious objector- Someone who refuses to fight in a war on the basis of their conscience.
Judge- The Christian idea of God acting as a judge to determine whether a person goes to Heaven or
Hell after death.
Just War theory- The belief that wars can be morally justified n if they follow certain criteria.
Justice- fairness in society and the world.
Nuclear pacifism- belief that the use of nuclear weapons can never be justified.
Pacifism- The belief that peace should be the central value that people pursue, and is against
Proportionality- The belief that force can only be met with equal force.
Quaker- A member of the Christian denomination also known as the Religious Society of Friends.
Revenge- seeking to repay a wrong by getting recompense
Sin- An act which goes against God's will
Social justice- The belief that people should be treated fairly and with respect in a society.
Social injustice- when people may be died rights as a consequence of poverty or discrimination.
Violence- the use of physical force, with the intention of harm.
Discrimination- Unjust or prejudicial treatment because of race, age, gender or disability.
Ecumenical- Different Christian denominations working together.
Equality- treating people as equals regardless of gender, age, religious beliefs or sexuality.
Eucharist-The Christian ceremony commemoration the last supper, in which bread and wine are
consecrated and consumed.
Evangelism- Persuading others to share your faith.
Forgiveness- forgiving someone for something they have done wrong.
Prejudice- making judgements not based on reason or actual experience.
Proselytising- trying to convert people from their religion to tours.
Racism- Prejudice, discrimination or ill treatment against someone because of their race.

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Reconciliation- restoring friendly relations
Repentance- Sincere regret or remorse from one's actions.
Sexism- Prejudice, stereotyping or discrimination, typically against women on the basis of sex.…read more


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