Key quotes from Terence Rattigan's "The Deep Blue Sea"

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The Deep Blue Sea ­ Terence Rattigan ­ Key quotes
P. 12 "As if I'd tell Mr. Elton a thing like that. It's none of his business, or mine, or anyone's
else's, come to that." (MRS. ELTON)
P. 21 "When you're between any kind of devil and the deep blue sea, the deep blue
sea sometimes looks very inviting." (HESTER)
P. 32 "I wish you'd try to find a way I could help you." (COLLYER HESTER)
P. 32 "It is plain that HESTER has heard him come in, but she does not turn her head.
During the ensuing scene she never looks at him."
P. 34 "FREDDIE: (with a guilty look) I haven't done anything, have I?"
P. 35 "He walks forward and kisses her. Instantly she responds, with an intensity of
emotion that is almost ugy After a moment he pushes her away and smacks her playfully."
P. 35 "FREDDIE: (jocularly) Still love me?
"HESTER: (steadily) I still love you.
P. 37 "But it's too bloody silly, old boy just because I forgot her birthday." (FREDDIE)
P. 39 "I can't be a ruddy Romeo all the time." (FREDDIE)
P. 39 "A clergyman's daughter, living in Oxford, marries the first man who asks her and falls
in love with the first man who gives her an eye." (FREDDIE on HESTER)
P. 40 "Supposing she'd pulled it off last night, do you realize what everyone would have
P. 42 "The fault lies with whichever of the gods had himself a good laugh up above by
arranging for the two of us to meet " (HESTER's suicide note)
P. 45 "Delicious oblivion" (FREDDIE drinks to forget)
P. 45 "My God, how I hate getting tangled up in other people's emotions. It's the one thing
I've tried to avoid all my life, and yet it always seems to be happening to me." (FREDDIE)
P. 46 "Take two people 'A' and 'B'. 'A' loves 'B' 'B' doesn't love 'A', or at least not
in the same way. He wants to, but he just can't. It's not his nature. Now 'B' hasn't
asked to be loved." (FREDDIE)
P. 47 ­ "Nothing can be called trivial that induces an operative desire to die." (MILLER)
P. 48 ­ "Nature has not endowed me with the capacity for inspiring suicidal love." (MILLER

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P. 50 ­ "You'd better not give her my love, Jackie. From all accounts it's pretty lethal."
(FREDDIE ­ about JACKIE's wife)
P. 51 ­ "They say the eyes of love are blind." (MILLER)
P. 54 ­ "COLLYER: Hester, what's happened to you?
"HESTER: Love, Bill, that's all ­ you know ­ that thing you read about in your beloved
Jane Austen and Anthony Trollope."
P. 54 ­ "In sober truth neither you nor I nor anyone else can explain what I feel for Freddie.…read more


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