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The Deep Blue Sea ­ Terence Rattigan ­ Key quotes

P. 12 "As if I'd tell Mr. Elton a thing like that. It's none of his business, or mine, or anyone's
else's, come to that." (MRS. ELTON)

P. 21 "When you're between any kind of devil and the deep blue…

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P. 50 ­ "You'd better not give her my love, Jackie. From all accounts it's pretty lethal."
(FREDDIE ­ about JACKIE's wife)

P. 51 ­ "They say the eyes of love are blind." (MILLER)

P. 54 ­ "COLLYER: Hester, what's happened to you?
"HESTER: Love, Bill, that's all ­ you…


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