English Revision - Important quotes from Blake's 'Songs of Innocence'

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Introduction ° `on a cloud I saw a child'
° `I stained the water clear'
A Dream ° `troubled, wildered and forlorn'
° `what wailing wight calls the watchman of the night?'
° `little wanderer hie thee home'
The Little Girl Lost ° `the desert wild become a garden mild'
° `frowning, frowning night'
° `the kingly lion...gambolled around'
° `from his eyes of flame ruby tears there came'
° `naked they conveyed to caves the sleeping maid'
The Little Girl ° `seven nights they sleep among shadows deep'
Found ° `feet of weary woe'
° `a sprit armed in gold'
° `weep not for the maid in my palace deep Lyca lies asleep'
° `nor fear the wolvish howl nor the lion's growl'
The Blossom ° `merry merry sparrow'
° `sees you swift as arrow seek you cradle narrow'
° `pretty pretty robim'
° `sobbing, sobbing, pretty, pretty robin, near my bosom'
The Lamb ° `dost thou know who made thee'
° `clothing of delight'
° `he is called by thy name'
° `he is meek and he is mild, he became a little child'
Infant Joy ° `I am but two days old'
° `I happy am joy is my name'
° `sweet joy befall thee'
On Another's ° `can I see another's woe and not be in sorrow too?'
Sorrow ° `can a father see his child weep?'
° `he becomes a man of woe, he doth feel the sorrow too.'
° `think not thou canst weep a tear and they maker is not near'
° `till our grief is fled and gone, he doth sit by us and moan.'
The Schoolboy ° `it drives all joy away'
° `little ones spend the day in sighing and dismay'
° `how can a bird that is born for joy sit in a cage and sing?'
The Little Black ° `I am black but oh! my soul is white'
Boy ° `I am black as if bereaved of light'
° `There god does live and gives his light and his heat away'

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° `black bodies and this sunburnt face is but a cloud and like
a shady grove'
° `when our souls have learned the heat to bear, the cloud will
° `I'll shade him from the heat till he can bear
° `he will then love me'
The Echoing Green ° `our sports shall be seen on the echoing green'
° `they laugh at our play'
° `no more can be merry, the sun does descend'
Nurse's Song ° `laughing is heard on the hill...…read more

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