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Biodiversity - The Key players
Aim: to know who the key players are
To understand
who the key involved in ecosystem management.
players are.
Success Criteria Starter:
A ­ Examine the
relationship the Managing biodiversity involves work from several
players have on players. They can operate at a range of scales. Many
local and global local players are more involved because they depend on
scale. biodiversity for their well-being. Give an example?
C ­ Describe and
explain how the
key players work
Some argue that the largest players wield the greatest power. Some are
committed to conservation and others to exploiting resources.
Conflicts are inevitable. Can you give any examples?…read more

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What are the roles of the different groups? P.89-91 in PA book & p.73 in sb.
National /
Global NGO's
/ TNC's
in ecosystem
Local /
communities…read more

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Global Players:
Transnational corporations operate at a global scale. They can
determine the production of goods and services e.g. whether
in a sustainable way. Green strategies are becoming more
popular. Many are investing in renewable energy projects.
Many ecosystems suffer as they drive innovation and
technology...even transferring technology.
UN, World Bank, World Trade Organisation and ITTO
(International Tropical Timber organisation) a cartel of
producers and consumers developing forest conservation.…read more

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Global influence (NGO's)
NGO's ­ e.g. WWF, Greenpeace international operate
globally. Aim is to stop degradation and conserve biodiversity.…read more

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National Players
Governments play vital role in managing biodiversity. They
establish and enforce laws to conserve genetic biodiversity.
-Manage natural resources
-Fund preservation/ conservation and development usually
from taxes
- Positive incentives are often put in place…read more

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Local influences...
Many local people are dependant on biodiversity for basic
Why is the involvement of local people essential for good and
sustainable management?…read more

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