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Revision notes on Judges for AQA AS Law.

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District Judges:
Often former solicitors with 7 years practice.
Sit in the County Court
Vacancies advertised
Appointment by the Crown following an open competition by the Judicial
Appointments Commission.
Recorders: (parttime Judges)
Must have been in practice for at least 10 years.
Sit in the Crown Court and can sit in the County Court
Queen appoints on recommendation of the Lord Chancellor
Circuit Judges:
Appointed form Solicitors or Barristers with at least 10 years experience.
Sit in County Courts or Crown Courts
Posts advertised
Deal with more difficult and important cases
High Court Judges:
Appointed form advocates of at least 10 years experience.
Sit in the High Court and Crown Court for very serious offences.
Appointed by the Crown after recommendation of Lord chancellor, following an
open competition.
Knighted/appointed Dame on appointment.
Lord Justices of Appeal:
Chosen from High Court Judges but can be from among practitioners of 15 years
Sit in Court of Appeal and Divisional Court.
Appointed by the Crown after PM's recommendation on advice of Lord
Lords of Appeal in Ordinary:
Chosen form among Lord Justices of Appeal but can be from practitioners with 15
years experience.
Sit in the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords and Privy Council
Appointed by the Crown on PM's recommendation
Made Life Peers on appointment
Lord Chancellor:
Chosen by PM.

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Senior member of govt. (responsible for most aspects of administration of justice,
Used to be head of Judiciary. This role conflicts with the separation of powers
theory.…read more


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