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JONES ­ curing Peter's phobia of rats using rabbit
AIM ­ to investigate whether a phobia in a little boy could be deconditioned and whether this would
generalise to other objects
Peter was 2 years and 10 months
He was shown a rat ­ screamed and moved away leaving his beads
When the rat touched the beads he protested but didn't when other kids touched it
Next day, Peter's fear of the rat generalised to other objects
He was more scared of rabbits so rabbit was used for deconditioning
A tolerance series was used
Daily play sessions with three other kids Situations to get Peter closer to rabbit
Rabbit in cage in room ­ causes fear
Moved closer ­ accepts it
Accepts rabbit free in room
Touched rabbit
Squats beside rabbit
Alone with rabbit
Lets rabbit nibble fingers
Changes were not continuous or equally in time
Peter's behaviour improved and worsened
Classical conditioning was also used
Given food as the cage was brought closer
Cage was only moved as far as Peter will allow whilst still eating
Other kids were role models
He lost fear of other objects such as cotton and feathers
He accepted new animals
Classical conditioning and social learning theory helped to decondition Peter

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Deconditioning helped to reduced generalised fears
Strength Weakness
Detailed observation over long period ­ showed Gaps between sessions were variables so
progress thoroughly ­ changes can be clearly progress could be due to time rather than the
seen deconditioning
6 people ordered the tolerance series to avoid No informed consent
being biased
Different methods were used to decondition Two different methods were used ­ hard to tell
Peter which one was the most effective
Ethical ­ phobia was cured Unethical to have an…read more


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