Jones : Curing a boy's phobia

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  • Jones : Curing a boy's phobia
    • Aim
      • Investigate whether a phobia in a little boy could be deconditioned
      • Whether this would generalise other objects
    • Procedure
      • Peter - 2 years 10 months
      • Playing with beads, shown white rat
      • Got scared, left beads, protested when rat touched beads but not when another child did
      • Reactions to other objects observe, fear of rat generalised other objects
      • Rabbit slowly introduced
    • Results
      • Peter's behavior improved and worsened
      • Classical conditioning helped him
      • Other children acted as role models
    • Conclusions
      • Classical conditioning and social learning helped decondition Peter
      • Deconditioning reduced generalised fears
    • Strengths
      • Observations happened over a long time
      • Different methods used
    • Weaknesses
      • Gaps between sessions were variable
      • Difficult to tell which method was most effective


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