John Major

Basic explanation of the time served, which party he stood for, what he was most noted for, why his career ended and historys view of his term in office

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John Major
John Major was a conservative politician who served as a
prime minister in the UK. He was prime minister from the
28th of November 1990 until the 2nd of May 1997. He was
probably most noted for his 4 year affair with Edwina
Currie. He had also sued two magazines, new statesman
and society and scallywag plus their distributors, in 1993 for
reporting rumours of an affair with a caterer. Polls showed
that John Major was the most popular prime minister since
Harold Macmillan. But according to another source John
Majors first years in office coincided with a long economics
recession. His government became increasingly unpopular
and major himself was perceived as a colourless and
indecisive leader. So different people have totally different
views about his time served in office. He resigned as prime
minster as the conservatives in 1997 lost by a landslide to
the labour party. Major's place was taken by tony Blair.


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