Social Class

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  • Social Cl***
    • In the 1970's politics was dominated by social allegiance. Butler and Stokes stated that the two major parties reflected cl*** divide.
    • In the 1970s there was a decline in working cl\*** communities and new industries emerged that had no allegiance to cl***.
    • Old cl*** based politics is now in decline and parties must focus on new movements such as feminism and environmentalism.
    • John Major said that Britain had become a cl***less society and Adonis said that there was an increase in meritocracy despite background.
    • The nature of the workforce has changed fundamentally over the years and there are now far more middle cl*** professionals than working cl*** labourers.
      • However cl*** divisions do still exist as the ECP report 2003 said those from unskilled backgrounds are five times less likely to recieve higher education
    • Inequality actually grew under new labour and wealth inequalities suggest there is still a social cl*** structure in the UK


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