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Jewish Charities
Tzedek is a Jewish overseas development and educational charity.
`Jewish Action for a just world' and `a world without extreme poverty'
Overseas projects-
Tzedek gives support to help set up development projects in some of the
poorest communities in the world, regardless of race or religion.
Education and campaigning-
Tzedek runs Projects in Jewish schools and also a series of sessions for adults
about international development and Jewish responsibility.
Overseas Volunteer programmes-
Tzedek's Overseas Volunteer Programme sends volunteers to learn about their
overseas partners for two months every summer.
Tzedek works in some of the world's poorest communities regardless of race or
religion, to provide direct support and to stimulate development with the goal of
eliminating poverty.
CDRW (Centre for the Development of Rural Women)
Aim: Providing excellent quality training to tribal girls for income generation in
Tamil Nadu
Background: It was started by a group of committed young women from rural
Programme: 40 tribal girls in Pudur Nadu were trained intensively for one year in
tailoring and embroidery.
Outcome: 40 tribal girls now have an income l of over £2 a day
Partners: CDRW is a member of an NGO network and partners with a similar
organisation called Peace Trust.
Maltiti Child Foundation
Aim: Increasing long term access to education for extremely poor school children
Background: In 2003 1.27 million children were engaged in child labour. 1.03 million
of these children were under 13 years old. Instead of going to school, these
children were involved in activities such as domestic work, farming, stone breaking
or, even worse, prostitution and drug peddling.
Programme: The scheme funded by Tzedek will allow 50 vulnerable children
access to school and will help their families by providing a sustainable income
Outcome: 50 children regularly going to school, attending additional after school
classes and contributing towards their own education through the goat rearing
Partners: MCF is a young, energetic organisation with strong support from the
local community.

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