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Emma BrookesReligious Education 28th April 2010

Jewish Charities

Tzedek is a Jewish overseas development and educational charity.

`Jewish Action for a just world' and `a world without extreme poverty'

Tzedakah literally means righteousness in Hebrew.

Giving to the poor is an obligation in Judaism

Jews are commanded to give…

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Emma BrookesReligious Education 28th April 2010

children were involved in activities such as domestic work, farming, stone breaking
or, even worse, prostitution and drug peddling.
Programme: The scheme funded by Tzedek will allow 50 vulnerable children
access to school and will help their families by providing a sustainable income

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Emma BrookesReligious Education 28th April 2010

The Fix-it scheme is designed to help disabled, elderly or frail clients with
specific jobs around the house which, though small, are difficult to tackle.

Jewish Care organises social events, giving people an opportunity to meet
others, spend time with old friends and raise…


Miss KHP


Want a better idea of Judaism?

Have a read of examples of Jewish charities. You may even add a few of these, if relevant, to your exam questions.

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