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Helena Bonici Geography 15/03/2012
13EA2 Ecosystems


It is found 200km north-west of Manaus and
extends 340km west from the confluence of the
rivers Jaú/Negro with a latitude of 61°26- 64°00W
and 1°40-3°00S longitude. Due to this, it falls
directly into the Rio Negro watershed of the…

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Helena Bonici Geography 15/03/2012
13EA2 Ecosystems

of vegetation typical of the varzea watercourses include a significant number of endemic species,
including the largest array of electric fishes in the world. Anavilhanas contains the second largest
archipelago of river islands in the Brazilian Amazon.
Criterion (x): The expanded property substantially increases…

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Helena Bonici Geography 15/03/2012
13EA2 Ecosystems

and highly inefficient and thus causing high amounts of pollution and damage to the surrounding
rainforest. The second kind is the "new mines" which were sold to transnational corporations for
profit and are now run by those. However, because the mines are not being…


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