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James and Parliament notes
Privileges of Parliament
- Free elections to Parliament
- Free speech for MPs
- Freedom from arrest

The First Session of the First Parliament (1604)
- Extremely important for both the Crown and Parliament.
- Opening issues involved obvious questions of prerogative and
privilege in disputed…

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involving finance.
- The Parliament was dissolved in January 1611

James' finance issues
James' financial situation was mainly caused by two factors:
- James' financial inheritance
- Excessive expenditure

Financial inheritance
An inadequate revenue system
- Elizabeth had sold off land to the value of £372,000 in the last

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The Second (Addled) Parliament (1604) ­ Why was it a
- After the death of Robert Cecil in 1612, James was under pressure to
fill the key posts that Cecil had held. The most active supporter was the
Howard faction.
- The Howards were crypto-Catholics, and so wanted softening…

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- Monopolies had been declared illegal in 1603. However, the Crown
continued to grant them, and the Commons demanded an inquiry.
- This eventually led to the revival of impeachment.
Concern for the Protestant cause
- This concern produced a discussion on the direction of foreign policy.
- Above all,…

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3. What was the nature of, and how serious was, opposition to Crown
policies in Parliament?




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