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ITCZ Migration
What is the impact on people and
environments in Africa of this
migration?…read more

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· To recap on the science behind The ITCZ
and its migration
· To understand how people and flora and
fauna adapt to different climatic conditions.
· To be able to explain how the ITCZ
migration leads to further
adaptations/migrations.…read more

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Global Wind
Patterns H
Polar Easterlies
Polar Cell
Polar Front L
Sub Tropical High (Horse Latitudes) H
North-East Trade Winds Hadley Cell
Sun's rays at L
Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (Doldrums)
South-East Trade Winds Hadley Cell
Sub Tropical High H
Polar Front L
H - High Pressure Polar Easterlies
L - Low Pressure
H Polar Cell…read more

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ITCZ Migration
· Use p.25 to describe how the ITCZ
migrates seasonally?
· What are the seasonality variations at the
tropics?…read more

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