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Religious Studies : islam keywords

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Islam: Keywords

Al-Qadar - Allahs control of future events

Creativity- The action of creating the universe by Allah

Din- Islamic way of life

Ibadah- all acts of worship performed to obey Allah

Iman- Faith in Allah

Islam- Peace gained through submission to Allah

Khalifah- custodian or steward of the world

Muslim- One who has submitted to Allah by accepting Islam

Qur'an- the holy book of Islam/ which is read or recited.

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Islam: Keywords

RisalahMuslim beliefs about the prophets of Allah

ShirkThe sin of regarding anything as an equal or partner of Allah.

TawhidThe oneness of Allah

BismillahThe words which begin every surah

HadithSayings and actions of the prophet Muhammad, recorded by his family and friends

Imam- A person who leads salah prayers

 Masjid- Place of prostration

Qadi- A judge in islamic law

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Islam: keywords

Shari'ah- Islamic law based on the Qur'an and sunnah

Shi'ah- Muslims who believe that only the caliph Ali was rightly guided

Sunnah- The saying and deeds of the prophet

Sunni- Muslims who belive that the first%2

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