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Is it fair
By : Chris-Ann
Gayle…read more

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Prejudice &
· Prejudice ­to pre-judge someone because of the way
they look, where they come from and their religion.
· Discrimination- the actions of treating groups of people
Why are people prejudice?
· Family background and upbringing and the way we
are brought up family and peers.
· Anger or retaliation against something done in the
· Pride and envy- being jealous of others
· Ignorance not knowing any better or wanting too ignore
the fact…read more

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Gender , Religion & Sexism
· Sexual discrimination happens when men
and women are not treated equally in
· Since 1975 when the sex discrimination act
made it illegal for women to be
discriminated against in the workplace.
Religious attitudes towards sexism
· Christianity teaches that everyone is equal
in the eyes of God. Therefore there is no
reason to treat people differently.
· Some Christian denominations have…read more

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Religious attitudes towards
· Men and women are
equal before Allah
and have the same
duties and will face
the same judgement.
· Some Muslim women
wear the Hijab , and
clothes that cover
them with ,only their
hands and faces…read more

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What is the difference between injustice and
· When you are denied
· Equal opportunities and
free speech
· When you're treated
· Being treated without
differently according to
prejudice or discrimination
your race, gender&
· Honest action
· When your human
rights are ignored or
denied.…read more

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How have Christian individuals challenged
Martin Luther King
· Martin Luther was a Christian who was committed to the
struggle against racism.
· He campaigned for equal opportunities for black people in the
· He believed that violence was wrong , he was influenced by
Gandhi ideas who said violence should not be used.
· Hatred and equality should be overcome by non ­violent
means .
Trevor Huddleston
·Trevor Huddleston was an Anglican who spent many years
fighting against the racist system called apartheid in South
Africa .
·He believed that it is the duty of Christian to stand up for the
oppressed and to oppose the unfair treatment of people
anywhere in the world.…read more

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