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A review of irony and foreshadowing in chapter three
Louis C & Dannielle Deans…read more

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In chapter three we learn through Amir's recollection about
his father and the relationship Amir and Baba had.
The desperation for affection from Baba that Amir has is
explained in this chapter; Amir is the "glaring exception" to
the otherwise perfect life Baba could have had. Because of
this Amir feels inadequate for not turning out like Baba. He
recalls how he resorted to lying (or stealing the right of
truth) to get closer to his father ("I lied and told him [Baba]
Hassan had the runs"), foreshadowing the most significant
deceit in the book when Amir holds the truth to gain his
father pride.
The quote above encompasses the irony of Amir's
situation, in his pursuit of acceptance from his father he
becomes a person Baba would despise. However the one
trait he does inherit from Baba is that of betrayal, Baba
betrayed Ali, just as Amir betrays Hassan.
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Baba's cold attitude towards Amir is a major factor that
contributes towards the tragedy of the novel. However he
too has his flaws.
In chapter three a deeper insight into the character of Baba
is given, throughout it Amir likens Baba to nature;
"attention shifted to him [Baba] like sunflowers turning to
the sun".
Baba is constantly likened to a nurturer, he opens an
orphanage and opens "wildly successful" businesses.
Ironically, Baba neglects the one person he should be
caring for; Amir.
It can easily be observed that Baba is caring from these
actions, so the logical path Amir takes is to blame himself
for the coldness in the relationship.
Baba is also the one to point out "there's something
missing in that boy [Amir]", without even realising that it's
the affection and approval from Baba that is missing from
Amir. Louis C & Dannielle Deans…read more

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Cleverly Hosseini uses this small observation on
page thirteen to foreshadow the path Amir
takes in life.
Baba neglects Amir of attention when they're
supposed to be spending time together, because
of this Amir notices the truck
Amir here acts as the truck driver, Hosseini uses
clumsy semantics such as "blundering",
"shambled" and "squalled" when Amir is
describing himself, linking him to the lumbering
Baba , who Amir parallels with the sun, is the
sunlight. HisLouispast mistake
C & Dannielle Deans of betrayal reflecting…read more

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The weight of Baba's words here appear to go
over Amir's head. Amir is so thrilled to have had
the talk with his father that the lesson that
should have been learnt and may have
prevented the tragic events with Hassan aren't
appreciated until it is too late. Ultimately, Amir
steals Hassan's livelihood for more moments
with his father.
It is also worth noting that Baba, who would
"spit on such a man" who steals, himself is
guilty of the crimes he is so against. The fact
that Amir has to learn the lesson Baba tries to
teach on his own can be linked to the fact that
Baba himself hasn't followed the standards he
set. Louis C & Dannielle Deans…read more

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Reading from a position in the future the
reader and adult Amir already know the
fate of Afghanistan
It is ironic that Baba, whose belief in a
God can be put into question, is the one
to say that it is Gods help Afghanistan
would need, despite the position of
power and authority that Baba has in
Amir's eyes and in the eyes of the people
of Kabul. Louis C & Dannielle Deans…read more


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