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Introduction to group
2 elements
Made by Tilly…read more

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TheThe elements
second group of the periodic table contains:
· Beryllium (Be)
· Magnesium (Mg)
· Calcium (Ca)
· Strontium (Sr)
· Barium (Ba)
· Radium (Ra)…read more

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· This video is a good introduction to group
2 elements and is also very funny.
v=wTshKLV770E…read more

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Electronic structure
· Be: [He] 2s2
As you can see all of
· Mg: [Ne] 3s2 the alkali earth metals
are found in the s block
· Ca: [Ar] 4s2 of the periodic table,
because they have
their outer electrons in
· Sr: [Kr] 5s2 an s subshell. Each
element in the group
· Ba: [Xe] 6s2 increases by one
quantum shell.
· Ra: [Rn] 7s2…read more

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Common properties
· They have two electrons in their outer shell.
· As we have just seen this is in the S subshell.
· The elements are all in the S block of the periodic table.
· They are all grey coloured metals - and are shiny.
· They have low electron affinities.
· They have low electronegativities. They form cations readily
when they react with highly electronegative substances.
· They become position ions - they donate electrons.…read more

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