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Psychology unit 3 relationships revision

Influence of culture upon relationships

Description- love and attraction

Some aspects of attractiveness are universal such as having large eyes, same
height to weight ratio. However others are influenced by culture for example the
Mursi tribe in Ethiopia see it as attractive if you can…

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Psychology unit 3 relationships revision

Spreacher found that Japanese couples valued love as much as the Americans.
This means that there is contradictory evidence so the role of live might be
influenced by other factors as well as culture.

Description- marriage

Arranged marriages are more common in non-western cultures but…

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Psychology unit 3 relationships revision

Often one study on a group of people is taken to represent the whole country or
culture but there is often more variation within a country than between countries.
This means that findings can be too general and don't include internal differences.

The methods used…


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