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Impact of Disturbances

Henry VII Henry VIII Edward Mary Elizabeth
Advisors Mainly clergymen ­ Left advisors to Somerset ignored Ignored advice to Used advice well
expected Pope to deal with advice her own credit ­
support him, rebellions was originally told
Archbishop of (Wolsey) to leave London
Canterbury as his…

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Impact of Disturbances

Cornish rebels ­
attention was on
Warbeck, heard
that rebels
progressed so
gathered troops at
Henley , wrote to
Edmund de la Pole
in Oxfordshire and
Rhys Thomas in
South Wales
among others who
raised as many
men as possible
and overthrew
rebels at
Ireland Small…

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Impact of Disturbances

gathered a was. Wrote troops to find had been reduced problem,
defence twice the letters to nobles 6000 rebels, but Wyatt Parliament voted
size of the rebel to raise armies. waited months for appeared with for more money to
army. Blackheath Earls of insufficient 2000 men in…

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Impact of Disturbances
The monarchs who issued the harshest punishments saw the fewest rebellions


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