Immigration reform attempts since 2000

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Immigration Reform since 2000 has been unsuccessful-
Reform Name What would it do? Criticism
Comprehensive · Tighten border Criticisms of legislation:
controls and · 1986 leglisation
Immigration punished the saw significant
Reform Act of 2006 employers of levels of fraud
and 2007: illegal immigrants · would reward law
· Grant legal status breakers who had
to the 12m illegally entered
immigrants in the the US
country and given · Would send to a
an eventual path message that
to citizenship future law
· Establish a guest breakers would be
worker program to legalised
give would be eventually- ie they
illegal immigrants will get legal
a legitimate route status eventually
into the country Criticisms of a guest
worker programme:
· create a
· make workers
dependent on their
· reduce other
workers' pay
DREAM Act: · A path to · A poor substitute
citizenship for for Obama's
some young illegal proposed
immigrants- ie sweeping
immigrants who immigration
had come to the reforms
US as children · Its requirements
illegally were demanding,
· Endorsed by and sounded
Obama, but was almost like army
filibustered in the recruitment- eg
Senate in 2010 age requirements,
requirements and
of good moral
· Would reward
parents for

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Why disagreements?
What to do about the illegal immigrants already here?
How exactly to crack down?
What about the children of illegal immigrants who have a
life here?
What work would they be able to do?
How to stop people from physically entering the US?…read more


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