Different types of hypothesis.

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Types of Hypothesis
Hypothesis = a precise, testable statement about the
expected outcome of an investigation.
Research Definition Example
Directional A directional hypothesis is more Participants who read digits
precise than a non-directional out loud will later recall a
hypothesis and specifically states the greater number of digits
direction of the results. This is also than participants who read
known as a one-tailed hypothesis the digits sub-vocally.
because it predicts the nature or
direction of the outcome.
Non-directiona A non-directional hypothesis is one in There will be a difference
l which the direction of results is not between the number of
predicted. This is also known as a digits out loud condition
two-tailed hypothesis because the compared to the sub-vocal
direction of the result is not specified condition.
but could go in either direction ­ that
is it could be `more' or `less'.
Null This tends to state that there will be There will be no difference
Hypothesis no relationship between the between the number of
variables being investigated. A null digits out loud condition
hypothesis is used because it makes a compared to the sub-vocal
very precise prediction (nothing will condition.
happen) that can be disproved,
thereby supporting the alternative


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