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How well did Alexander III deal with the problems that he faced?

Unlike his father, Alexander III did manage to survive his reign relatively unscathed, which
indicates that he dealt with his problems well, at least in the short term. Alexander III
inherited a country fraught with economic difficulties, violent…

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which meant that secret meetings became more common as they were not allowed to
discuss liberal ideas in public. These repressive policies did not end the moderate liberal
reformers, in fact it made them more determined and continued to work underground.

Additionally Alexander faced the problem of disloyal nations that…

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when Alexander III took over from his father in 1881 but they were still far behind the other
Great Powers.

Overall, Alexander III did not deal with his problems efficiently because although they were
resolved in the short term, the solutions would not be as effective a few years down…




very good resource with indepth info on an obscure topic. however, you tend to repeat yourself quite a lot.

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