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IT3 - WJEC…read more

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Access Restrictions
· Access to computer rooms can be restricted by the use of
key pads, use of biometric testing (advantage is that there
is no passwords or codes to remember)
· Face recognition systems can restrict access to both
rooms and computers. It could even be used to monitor
the time users are at their workstations…read more

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· Coding data whilst it is being sent over a network so that
only the true recipient is able to decode it. Should it be
intercepted by a hacker, the data will be in code and
meaningless…read more

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How encryption works
· Jayne in London wants to send a secure email to Jack in Paris.
After she has typed the email she presses the `encrypt' option. The
software then verifies who she wants to send the email too. Jayne
then chooses Jack off a list of all the people whom Jayne has a
public key for and can send encrypted messages too. The
encryption software then automatically mixes and re-mixes every
binary bit of the message with ever bit in Jack's public key. The
result is a binary mix of data that may be unscrambled only by the
same software but using Jack's private key. When Jack receives his
email in Paris, he needs to select the `decrypt' option and the
software then will ask him for his password, it will then decrypt his
private key. The private key if a very long number and a large
number of calculations are then performed which unscrambles the
binary mess to give the message from Jayne. If the message was
interpreted by a hacker, they would be unable to see the message
because they do not have Jack's private key that is needed so that
the binary is unscrambled to reveal the message.…read more

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Proxy Servers
· A proxy server is a server which can be hardware or
software that takes requests from users for access to
other servers and either forwards them onto servers or
denies access to servers.
· Can be used to limit or block access to certain web
addresses or web services such as instant messaging
and chat rooms
· Proxy servers are used in schools to make sure the pupils
can only access certain information
· Many organisations use proxy servers to provide content
filtering and to ensure that their employees stick to their
acceptable use policy.…read more

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Security Status
· Use of hierarchy of passwords
· Allocation of network resources to users based on user-
IDs and passwords
· Allocation of access rights to users based on their job or
seniority (e.g. read only, append only, create new records
only etc.)…read more

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