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For your body to work properly, the conditions inside your body
must stay constant as possible. This is done through homeostasis

Removing waste:

No matter what you are doing your cells are constantly producing
waste from chemical reactions. Some of these waste products are
poisonous and must be removed…

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It is vital that your body temperature remains around 37ºC,
because this is the temperature at which your enzymes work the

Your skin temp can vary enormously but your core temp must be
kept stable. If you are a few degrees out, then your enzymes will
not function properly.…

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Glucose is needed for respiration so it is important that levels are
kept constant. It is controlled by hormones produced in the

The pancreas:

It is a small pink organ found just under your stomach. It monitors
you glucose levels and controls them using Insulin and Glucagon.

When your…


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