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Means `lion-like' (a "stone lion" was placed in memorium)
Skipped Carnaeia to fight for Greece
"Most impressive man"
Tested Thebans to contributed because their motives were "suspect"
"inspire the rest"
sent "advance guard" because they didn't expect Thermopylae to
happen so soon
"Exercising naked + combing their hair"
"ready to kill or be killed to the best of their ability"
"there is no other race on earth that will stand up against you"
"fighting against amateurs"
"a memorable battle"
made Xerxes leap in his seat 3x
Xerxes expected that he'd "no longer be able to fight back"
told Greeks to leave and "spare their lives"
Spartans couldn't "desert their posts"
Pytha said a Spartan king must die or Sparta falls
"desire to lay up a store of fame" for the Spartans
Greeks acted "in obedience to his wishes"
Spartans at TH "proved their worth"
He fought "the the utmost bravery"
Spartans "dragging his body away"
Spartans were killed with bows ­ a weapon they thought was cowardly
Pyrrhic victory for Xerxes as he lost 10,000 of his men and two brothers
Head severed and put on a pole
Ephialtes is his foil


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