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Born: approx. 484 BC
Born at: Halicarnassus, Caria, Asia Minor
Died: approx. 425 BC (aged around 60)
Key facts: Obsessed with glorious deeds of individuals,
supernatural events and often becomes side tracked by
monuments or geography. Not considered very credible however is
writing closest to the time of events.…

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Born: AD 46
Born at: Chaeronea, Boeotia
Died: AD 120 (aged 74) at Delphi
Key facts: Liked to use small anecdotes rather than great deeds
and events to explain a personality. Was more concerned with
morals and ethics of key figures in history than the actual events
that make up…

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Key facts: High value on eyewitness testimony and writes about
events in which he probably took part. Unlike Herodotus, everything is
black and white with nothing attributed to the role of the gods and
an emphasis on political and military fact.
Reputation: Thucydides is generally regarded as one of the…


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