Health and illness are socially constructed. Discuss

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Discuss the concept that health and illness in society are socially as well as
biologically created.
As a sociologist, for advanced level essays, you need to think about how you
will structure an A level essay answer.
Start with showing the examiner that you have sociological knowledge. Give
definitions of the key terms and if possible, back them up with a quotation.
You should then set out the first part of your argument. You could begin
with the idea that some illnesses are biological, give details, you could then
expand this idea by showing that some behaviours in society can lead to
biological illnesses , give examples, comparisons and discuss.
You could then add to your discussion by showing that definitions and
diagnoses of illnesses vary from society to society and so some illnesses will
only exist in certain times or cultures. Again, give examples, comparisons
and discuss.
Once you feel that you have attempted to answer all of these points, you
then need to conclude and to wrap up your ideas.


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