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Health and Disease…read more

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What is Health and Disease?
Health is defined as your social, physical and
mental wellbeing. When you are in good health,
you are...
· Free from disease
· Able to carry out normal physical and mental tasks
· Well fed, with a balanced diet
· Usually happy
· Suitably housed
· Well integrated into society
Disease is a malfunction of the body or mind which
causes symptoms which can be physical, mental
or social.…read more

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Parasites and Pathogens
Parasites are organisms that live in or on another
living thing and usually cause harm by taking
nutrition from the host. Parasites often go
unnoticed which is an advantage for it as the
host doesn't try to remove it. Parasites can also
cause damage when they become numerous or
allow other organisms to invade the host.
Pathogens are microorganisms that cause
disease which live by taking nutrition from the
host and causing considerable damage in the
process.…read more

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Organisms that cause Disease
There are 4 types of organisms that
can cause diseases:
·Protoctista…read more

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· Bacteria belongs to the Prokaryotae
· The cells are smaller than our cells
· The cells reproduce rapidly
· Their presence causes diseases by
damaging cells or releasing waste
products that are toxic to us
· Examples include Vibrio cholerae which
causes Cholera…read more

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· Athlete's foot and Ringworm are caused
by a fungus called Tinea.
· The fungus lives in the skin.
· It sends out reproductive Hyphae, which
grow on the surface of the skin and
release spores.
· These cause redness and irritation…read more

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