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B1 Week 1…read more

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Health, exercise and diet…read more

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Balanced Diet
Give us fibre and Carbohydrates
vitamins and give us energy
Protein gives us
Give us calcium energy but they also
which helps to serve as one of the
strengthen main building blocks
bones and of the body. Muscle,
teeth skin, cartilage and
hair are all made up
Fats and added sugars provide
mostly of proteins.
energy. This energy is less
sustainable than that from
carbohydrates. There is a higher
percentage of energy in these foods
making it easier to eat more than
required. Fat provides essential fatty
acids and some vitamins.…read more

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Metabolic rate
· The rate of chemical reactions in your body is
the metabolic rate.
· Factors affecting metabolic rate include fat:
muscle ratio, inherited factors and the
amount of exercise you do.…read more

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Gender can affect metabolic rate as men
generally have a higher muscle:fat ratio. Men
generally have a faster metabolic rate.
Exercise helps to build up muscle, so doing
exercise can increase your muscle:fat ratio.
Your metabolic rate increases as you
exercise and for a time afterwards.
Genetic factors you inherit from your parents
can affect metabolic rate.…read more

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Metabolic rate is an
inherited factor
that affects health.…read more

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