Haiti LEDC Earthquake 2010

CASE STUDY on haiti earthquake in 2010 

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Haiti LEDC earthquake 2010
Caribbean country- island of Hispaniola
French colony until 1915 then occupied by the US until 1934. Run as dictatorship until
1986- first free elections took place. Since then political upheaval and instability with
revolts and coups
UN been ever present since 2004 to keep peace
GNI per capita $800 (uk $250000)
Literacy rate 50% (UK 100%)
80% below poverty line according to UN (less than $2 per day)
66% people get by on subsistence farming
1% of population control half of the nation's wealth
Over half of the 9 million population live in slums
The UN classify Haiti with Somalia as the most corrupt country on earth
Island of Hispaniola
2/3 island is Dominican republic
1/3 Haiti
The earthquake
7.0 magnitude earthquake 16.53 local time (21.53 GMT) on 12 January 2010
Epicentre was 25km, WSW of the capital Port au prince
The focus (hypocentre) was just 13 km below surface
As many as 200000 people feared dead and 3 million have been seriously affected
Country reliant on aid from other countries
Boundary of Caribbean/ north American plate
Conservative/passive plate boundary, Caribbean and north American plates
Haiti lies on conservative boundary
C plate moving eastward direction in a year
Along boundary is immense pressure and tension
A weakness or fault in the crust lies in the south of Haiti. It was here where the
build-up of energy was released along the Enriquillo Plantian garden fault as a rupture
Strike slip fault

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Seismic energy waves pass through the crust causing it to vibrate violently, L&R
Shallow focus- seismic waves very powerful when they reached surface
Epicentre very close to largest area of population
Primary effects
230000-250000 lives lost, collapsing building
Port au prince- 2 million people, city flattened in less than 60 seconds
Lateral spreading- ground slumping/falling away
50% of building collapsed- including police headquarters
Liquefaction- foundations unstable
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Mental health care- children
Accessing the remote areas is almost impossible as roads are closed…read more


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