green chemistry

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Green chemistry
Raw materials:
Materials that feedstocks are prepared from. They usually obtained form the ground(e.g. rock
salt, limestone, crude oil etc)
Raw material feedstock products
Rock salt brine chloride, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen
Chlorine is the main desired product.
Sodium hydroxide and hydrogen are coproducts ­ can be used in further manufacturing
Most reactions have a by product ­ unwanted side reactions. So to decrease the by products
as much as possible the reaction is designed to increase the amount of product.
Cost and efficientcy
The amount of profit a chemical company makes depend on income from sales of product and
on cost.
Efficiency depends on:
Operating temp. ­ increase temp = increase rate of reaction but could affect
equilibrium ­ reducing yield
Operating pressure ­ improve yield for some reactions but expensive and safety
Recycling unreacted material reduces cost..

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Energy needs to be efficient ­ costs of heating to high . heat from exothermic reaction is used to
generate hot water which powers rest of the plant.…read more


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