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Godden and Baddeley (1975) `Deep sea divers'
To study the effect of the environment on recall and the effect of retrieval
They wanted to see specially if participants would have better recall when they
learnt and recalled information in the same context.
Divers, 13 males, 5 female, participants were from a diving club.
They were on a diving holiday in Scotland.
Environment one; on land
Environment two: underwater
There were four conditions:
Dry learning and wet recall, Wet learning and dry recall
Dry learning and dry recall, Wet learning and wet recall
There were 36 words of two/three syllables chosen randomly.
Recall cues were used in two conditions.
IV: whether the two contexts are the same or different
DV: how many words are correctly recalled.
Repeated measured design.
Percentages recalled
Learning environment Recall environment dry Recall environment wet
Dry 37 24
Wet 23 32
Context is a retrieval cue, and when the cognitive environment is the same at
recall and learning recall will be higher.
Clearly controlled experiment
High reliability
Some ecological validity
Artificial situation, means results might not be valid
Results still showed a lot of forgetting.



A great summary of Godden and Baddeley's (1975) experiment into the effect of the environment on recall.

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