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John Reardon 12at

The consequences of global warming towards the marine
environment and ecosystem is damaging long term.

The marine environment and ecosystem is very diverse this marine diversity depends on
stability on their environment, the marine environment is such a vas place from the fresh
waters of rivers and…

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John Reardon 12at

but changes in tropical storm activity, sea level rise and costal run off which can all reduce
the coral viability

The Thames and fresh waters

The Thames contains both sea water and fresh water, so therefore providing a habitat for
seawater and freshwater fish for example Salmon,…

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John Reardon 12at

Ocean chemistry
This causes the nutrient based top layer to separate out and to mix with the less dense lower
layers, which causes food supply to be eliminated in turn will mess up marine food webs.
This effect the geophysical distribution of plankton across the ocean therefore…


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