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Global warming is the rise of world temperatures which is caused by greenhouse
gases. Like glass in a greenhouse gases allow sunlight through to the earth's surface
but trap heat as it radiates back into space. When the gases build up it makes the
earth get warmer.
Human activities are contributing to the increase of CO2 emissions by:
Deforestation, as trees take in CO2 it means there is less in the atmosphere
but as we are cutting them down it means that trees cannot take in the C02
meaning there is more in the atmosphere, and deforestation is at its highest in
Burning fossil fuels, when we burn fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) a better more eco
friendly way to reduce CO2 emissions is to use renewable fuels such as
Hydroelectric Power and Wind Turbines. As our TV's, computers and lights all
run off electricity created from burning coal we ourselves are contributing to
CO2 emissions and the greenhouse effect.
Cars also give off a lot of CO2.
Power stations and Factories give off harmful greenhouse gases.
CO2 is about 50% of the greenhouse effect, and the other 50% is made up of 3 other
harmful gases; Methane, Nitrous Oxides, CFC (chlorofluorocarbons).
Methane: comes from coal-mining, oil exploration and when vegetation is
burnt during land clearance. However the main source is agricultural activity,
it's released from wetlands such as rice paddies and from animals, such as rice
paddies and from animals, mainly cud-chewing species like cows. However as
world population increases agricultural activity increases therefore the
emissions of methane will increase.
Since 1960's the amount of methane has increased by 1 %( 2 times as
fast as the build up of CO2).
Methane is about 30 times more effective than a CO2 molecule at
trapping heat in.
They live for about 10 years in the atmosphere.
Nitrous Oxide: comes from natural and manmade processes.
45% of output to the atmosphere is manmade; these are fossil fuel
combustion, fertilisers, burning rain forests and human and animal
In total Nitrous oxide contributes to about 6% of the greenhouse effect.
CFCs: come from fridges, air fresheners, aerosols, and affect the greenhouse
gas extremely. Even though there are lower concentrations of CFCs in the
atmosphere than CO2 they trap more heat.
A CFC molecule is 10,000 times more effective in trapping in heat than
a CO2 molecule.
They live for 110 years in the atmosphere.
Global temperatures will increase.

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